So you need a dog run and your not sure where or how to start......

Doody Hunters design team will take the time to learn all we can about you and your needs, as well as the needs of your pet. There are a number of elements that we take into consideration before settling on the right solution for you:

  • The size of your animal

  • The size of your pet run

  • The amount of time your pet will spend in the area

  • Any other additional measures, such as cost and other features

Doody Hunters carries the best and most affordable synthetic grass made especially for dog runs. Designed for excellent drainage and a look that is unmatched, honestly you will want to install this grass in your whole yard once you see what fido is using.

Green Grass all the time.

A Doody Hunters dog run is essential for Edmonton weather. Its easy to shovel off in the winter and snow and ice melt quickly in direct sun. Having a synthetic lawn dog run will mean, no more unsightly yellow or brown urine stains, no more holes due to your dig-happy furry friend! Your synthetic grass yard will always retain its green, pristine look.

Staying  Clean

The days are gone of your dog accidentally tracking  dirt or mud into the house. An artificial grass dog run will make  this dream a reality. No more muddy paws! Just a clean dog and an easy yard to keep clean or call the Doody Hunters cleanup team.

The Specs

Synthetic grass offers a drainage rate of 30 inches per hour. That is pretty amazing ! Its Eco Friendly, your not using fossil fuels to cut it, ever!Fleas, ticks and other bugs don't like to call the grass home. 

Controls OdorsControls Rodents and Other Pests

Your dog run should be easy to clean, drain well and look and perform well. 


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