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FREE TWO WEEKS of Litter Express

Embrace a cleaner, simpler life where litter box hassles are a thing of the past. Claim your FREE Two Weeks and discover why Doody Hunters are the premier choice for pet waste management.


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How Litter Express Works

Effortless Convenience
Litter Express is here to simplify your life.
Every week, we deliver a fresh, clean litter box right to your doorstep and whisk away the used one.

It’s simple:

  1. Text Message: We send you a friendly reminder on exchange day. 

  2. You Put: Place last week's box out for exchange.

  3. We Swap: We swap it with a fresh, pre-filled box.

  4. You Win: Your cat enjoys a clean litter environment without any effort from you.

Perfect for any living situation, from apartments to retirement homes, we ensure your feline friend is never without a box.


Our Cleaning Process: Safe & Sustainable

Thorough and Thoughtful
Safety and sustainability drive our cleaning process. Each used box undergoes rigorous cleaning with industrial-grade solutions that are tough on germs, including COVID-19, but safe for both cats and humans. After air-drying, boxes are refilled with eco-friendly, compostable barley litter from Saskatchewan.


We take pride in disposing of waste responsibly at local eco stations, making Litter Express a choice you can feel good about.

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Proudly Veteran-Owned

Service and Integrity
Doody Hunters is 100% veteran-owned and operated. We bring the values of service, dedication, and integrity to every aspect of our work, ensuring you and your cat receive the best care possible.

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Perfect for Every Cat Owner

Designed for Your Lifestyle
Whether you’re a busy parent, a professional on the go, or enjoying retirement, Litter Express caters to all. Let us take the hassle of litter management off your hands, giving you more time to enjoy what matters most.

Transparent Pricing

Affordable Options


  • Weekly: Just $18 per week.

  • 3 Months: Pay $200 for 12 weeks and save 5%.

  • 6 Months: Pay $390 for 24 weeks and save 10%.

  • Extra Bins: Additional bins are available for $9 each.

Note: Prices include up to three boxes per household and are subject to GST. Prices are stable unless boxes are returned damaged.

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Hear from Our Satisfied Clients


“Very happy, Doody Hunters is easy to deal with and do an excellent job.”

Avery L.

"My Cats are super picky and they absolutely love this litter! Service is outstanding!"

Vicki G.

“You all do an awesome job! Thank you!”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!
Our FAQ section addresses all your queries, ensuring you feel confident and informed when choosing Litter Express for your litter management needs.

Where do you service? Litter Express proudly serves the areas of Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Ardrossan, and Beaumont. We're committed to providing top-notch service in these communities.

Do I have to scoop the litter? No scooping is required! Our service includes weekly exchanges of your litter box so you don't have to deal with the mess. However, if you prefer to scoop, you’ll be pleased to know that our litter is 100% eco-friendly and toilet flushable, making it easy to manage if needed.

What type of litter do you use? We use ReadyMate Barley Cat Litter, which is 100% eco-friendly and produced right here in Saskatchewan. ReadyMate is crafted from high-starch, hull-less barley, enabling superior moisture absorption and firm clump formation without harmful chemicals. Here are a few more benefits: -Biodegradable: Decomposes naturally, unlike clay litters that clog landfills. -Compostable: After scooping, it can be used in flower beds and gardens. -Renewable: Sourced from annually grown barley, a sustainable choice compared to strip-mined clay litters. -Safe for Pets: Non-toxic and digestible, making it safer than clay litters that contain silica and sodium bentonite. -Supports Local: Using ReadyMate supports Canadian agriculture and rural economies.

Can I get extra litter? Absolutely! If your cat loves to kick litter or if you just need more, we can provide an extra bag for a small additional fee. Just let us know your needs, and we’ll accommodate.

How do you clean the litter boxes? We prioritize safety and sustainability in our cleaning process. Each box is thoroughly cleaned with industrial-grade, non-toxic solutions that effectively eliminate germs, including pathogens like COVID-19. After cleaning, the boxes are air-dried and refilled with our eco-friendly barley litter, ensuring they are safe and ready for your cat’s use.

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