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A new way to scoop that poop!

DoodyHunters is a veteran owned pet waste management company and we aim to change both the way we think about, and how we manage our furry friends' fallout. Using custom machines (along with a few time tested and true tools) we thoroughly clean and vacuum your yard. With an unmatched quality of service and future focused plan to divert hundreds of tons of waste from the local landfills, there's finally a reason to let someone else do it! (besides the obvious one). Proudly servicing Edmonton and area. Whether it's one time or weekly, we're your #1 choice for your pets #2!
PROUDLY Veteran Owned & Operated
White and Red Canadian veteran logo

See what we can "doo" for you!

Grey french bulldog looking up at the camera


grassy backyard with a green house with a window. There are prices for yard cleanups for 1 dog listed
2 big and happy rottweilers
grassy backyard with red fence among leafy trees in bloom. There are prices for yard cleanups for 2-3 dogs listed

2-3 DOGS

Brown 2 story apartment building set behind 2 trees.
Backyard with a stone walkway with the prices for yard cleanups for townhouses


A sleek, shiny glass apartment building surrounded by green bushes


A green lawn with a brown fence. There is writing on the picture about commercial property maintenance

We got it! We'll get back to you back within 48hrs!

Why Choose Us?

But don't take our word for it! Just listen to this testimonial!

Trustworthy & Reliable

Trust us, we've dealt with a lot of crap. We'll put up with it so you don't have to.

Licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed, with liability insurance and WCB coverage.

Professional Equipment

We definitely have the experience and tools necessary to do a professional job.

Our customers are awesome!

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"The Doody Hunters saved us this week! Great customer service, easy to pay, super efficient, great price and amazing job. Glad to support a veteran owned business and will definitely hire again!"


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